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Greg Whitman is a board certified neurologist. He is one of a handful of fellowship trained, practicing otoneurologists in the U.S.–an otoneurologist is a neurologist who focuses on the causes and treatment of dizziness; vestibular disorders, gait and balance disorders, falls, and fall prevention.

Dizziness and balance disorders account for several million clinic visits per year in the U.S. Many such visits relate to vestibular disorders. Vestibular, in a nutshell, means having to do with the inner ear balance system, and its connections.

As an Instructor at Harvard Medical School, he has been a recurrent speaker on dizziness at Harvard accredited CME courses.

Dr. Whitman is co-author of the book “Dizziness. Why You Feel Dizzy and What Will Help You Feel Better” (Johns Hopkins University Press).

He is a contributor to multiple handbooks for physicians , including a best-selling handbook used by neurology trainees. A chapter on dizziness that he coauthored was published in a well-known, best-selling Neurology handbook.

In addition to his expertise on dizziness, Dr. Whitman also has subspecialty experience in treatment of people with memory loss, aphasia, executive dysfunction and dementia.